Marco Burelli

Head of HR Strategy | TomTom

Marco joined TomTom’s People Team in 2020, after many years working in different industries and roles, spanning from retail to quality control in precision mechanics production. Main focus of all his roles was to provide the right solution to the right customer. Coming from a background distant from any HR legacy, he brought a fresh view on the traditional HR ways of working and mindset, thriving through implementing Portfolio Management, Agile HR and Product Management. Innovation and challenging the status quo are core drivers of his ethos.

Marco was born and raised in Italy, moved in the Netherlands in 2015 to pursue a major career shift, that started with a BSc in Psychology at Groningen University, and led him to stepping into TomTom’s People Team.

Today’s main goal of the Head of HR Strategy is to collect all possible insights about TomTom and the market, centralize decision making for the People Team, and ultimately make sure that all people initiatives are coherent and tailored to achieve maximum business impact.